Nude makeup

Good morning lovelies! 😘

Sorry I have not been posting lately as much as I should, but I am back with an update for you all!

• My summer has been sooooo hectic so far! Balancing work and visiting family and friends, you can guess that I am never in the house, which is correct.

• For my fashionistas, I will have some new styles posted later on this week

• In about a week I will be going on vacation to Wisconsin Dells, also known as the waterpark capital of the world! I encourage everyone to go and for those who have never heard of it, please take the time to look into it, it’s a really fun environment for kids and adults.

So for today’s agenda, I will be going to my uncle’s wedding! I loveeee weddings so much and since I have been looking into makeup tutorials for the past couple weeks, this gives me an excuse to try my new products out!

I practiced on my face last night when I went to my best friends birthday party. It’s a simple nude look with a smokey eye, the exact look I’m going for in the wedding later this afternoon. Here’s my try: 

I have never been into makeup so much until now! I love how flawless it makes me appear and knowing that I’m confident enough to not wear makeup as well is comforting. So what do you guys think???

I was hoping not to out shine the bride of course, so going natural should be the way to go correct? I think so! 

Feedback appreciated. Comment, share, etc. 

For fashion & style questions:


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